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New security features for Facebook mobile

Mobile password reset was announced on Monday. Now mobile users will be able to confirm their identity before the password is delivered at their email address.

According to a Facebook announcement, the social network’s mobile apps will get new security features including reset and social reporting.

Social reporting is already available in the web version of Facebook, and users are encouraged to report any content they are unhappy with both to the person who has posted the content and to Facebook.

The social reporting page on Facebook says, “We encourage people on Facebook to use the report buttons located across our site to let us know if they find content that violates our terms of use so we can take it down. But taking down harassing online comments won’t necessarily help people solve the underlying problem in the offline world. Social reporting is a way for people to quickly and easily ask for help from someone they trust.”

Now that the social reporting feature will be available on Facebook mobile as well, the Facebook environment has become more secure for users. Facebook has said that most developers remove offensive content on their own when users report it to them and to Facebook.

The other new security feature, mobile password reset, was announced on Monday. Using this, mobile users can confirm their identity before the password is delivered to their preferred email address &#151 the details have not been elaborated on the Facebook blog post though.

The blog post says, “If you ever forget your password or get locked out of your account, we want to make it easy to get back on Facebook. We are testing improvements to resetting your password from your mobile device. You can now choose the email address where you want to receive recovery links, and we are offering additional ways to confirm your identity.”

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