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New Facebook app for Windows Phone 7

The new app works somewhat faster but brings little change to the previous version.

Facebook version 1.5 for Windows Phone 7 has been released with little fanfare, perhaps due to the slight visible changes it brings. The new works somewhat faster as users can easily switch between screens, and even scrolling has become a better experience.

Those who expect something new with Facebook chat or notifications would be disappointed. The name of the auto refresh setting has been changed. It’s now called ‘cache expiration’ (an old term), which could be more complicated for people who are not tech savvy.

On the notification listings, people can touch anywhere to go to the post; whereas earlier they had to touch a small part of the notification.

Some find it difficult to scroll through the entire app list to find out which app to run. Other users said that pinning the apps in the start screen itself, which involves a lot of scrolling, is not that smooth.

The user also needs to fix the camera settings each time he wants to take a picture.

People who have Windows Phone Marketplace on the start screen can download the updated Facebook version by following a link when they receive a notice about the update. Alternatively, they can avail it from the app store.

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