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New app to share your photos easily

With the Color app, users can share pictures within 150 feet from each other.

Photo sharing is set to become a lot easier with the new Color application that allows users to exchange photos within a distance of 150 feet.

The app was created by Bill Nguyen, who has also founded Lala, a digital music streaming service.

Since it requires users to be located within physical proximity of each other, the Color app may also help build smaller real world communities.

It is available free of cost on both and devices. Launched last week, this is now among the 30 most popular free apps on the Apple iTunes Store.

The possible uses of the app are numerous. Take a concert hall, for example, where one photographer cannot take pictures from all the angles at a time. In that case, a group of users can take pictures from various angles simultaneously and then share photos with each other using this app.

However, you cannot share pictures with people if they do not have Color. The app’s creators are to issue an update to address the problem soon.

Users are demanding some changes in the privacy settings of the app too. Right now people cannot pick and choose their followers. It’s the app that decides who your friends are depending on the locations you frequently visit.

With this feature, the only problem is that if a person is stalking you, the app may make his task easier.

Other users can be blocked on Color, but it is not easy to find out who is viewing your files.

On the positive side, it may help you know your neighbours better &#151 an art that people have forgotten over time.

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