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‘Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit’ arrives for Android smartphones

EA has launched yet another racing game that lets the user play as the law breaker or the law itself on the Android smartphones.

Electronic Arts has introduced yet another racing game &#151 Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, for Android smartphones. ‘Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit’ offers two modes of game play where in user can get to play the bad law breaker to escape from cops or as cops to chase the law breakers.

This game is currently available only to users in select regions only and is priced at Rs 343 approximately for Indian users.

EA’s Need For Speed (NFS) franchise is quite famous amongst racing game lovers and the Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit will let users burn some rubber from anywhere using their Android smartphone. The new version is fun arcade racing game meant for Android 2.0 or higher running devices.

The Android smartphones with Gyroscopic sensors can make the best of the tilt controls and add bit of fun to their racing experience. Players get to play the racer who breaks and always on the pursuit to escape from the law. Else get to play the cops hunting and grabbing the law breakers.

NFS: Hot Pursuit offers 20 precision performance offering super cars that include ones like Pagani Zonda Cirque. These cars can be spun around on the 24 day and night tracks. There are about 48 total cop and racer career events where in the user needs to earn higher rank each time by collecting bounties.

Lovers of the fast and the furious will totally love the gaming action promised with this game. Like several other games, even this game comes with a huge download required after the initial file is downloaded.

You can download the Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit game from Android Market.

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