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Must-have accessories for smartphones

These accessories not only help protect your precious gadgets but also help you in times of need. Here we have five must-have gadgets for every smartphone user.

Smartphones are fast taking over the legacy created by feature phones. By the end of 2012 many feature phone users would have migrated to using smartphones owing to falling smartphone prices. Further, because they are becoming cheaper, and because of the improved hardware – multi core processors, dedicated graphics cards etc – that these devices have, smartphones are increasingly being used by lay users for entertainment, internet browsing etc. and aren’t restricted for official purposes alone.

Since more and more people are using smartphones there is now a range of accessories for these devices. Here we have picked five that every smartphone owner would find useful:


Smartphones that are slim and have big screens are prone to damage from falls. To prevent your smartphone from falling you could use a holster, which will also protect it from scratches and dust.

Holsters are available in a wide range: fabric holsters are the most basic and cost around Rs 500; whereas leather and synthetic holsters cost Rs 1,000 or more, and are made by reputed brands like Case Logic.

Scratch guard

Despite all you do to protect your phone’s screen from scratches, they some how appear. This is despite the manufacturer using to protect the screen. A scratch guard can therefore be useful. These can be bought from the market or from scratchguard.in. Scratch guards prevent scratches as well as smudges.

Bluetooth headset

Bluetooth headsets, similar to any electronic accessory, are available across a wide price band. Basic headsets with decent battery backup and of a regular size cost Rs 1,000 onwards; whereas smaller headsets like the Plantronics discovery 925, are available starting at Rs 4,000.

Solar battery chargers

Smartphones, particularly those with large screens, could always do with charging. One alternative to a normal plug charger is a solar charger. It is eco-friendly and can be used in places where the electrical supply is uncertain. It is a perfect accessory for trekkers. With a 10-15 minute charge in the sun the phone will last for about 5 minutes.

Many people think that solar chargers damage the battery or reduce charge cycles, but these are urban myths.

Battery packs

A battery pack is a bigger battery that has generally three times the capacity of a usual smartphone battery.

Battery packs are available starting at Rs 1,500 in India.

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