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More people play games on mobile than console: Survey

Video game companies are not targeting the hardcore male gamers anymore, as mobile gamers look more attractive to the advertisers.

With proliferation of smartphones, the number of mobile gamers are set to jump by many folds, according to a survey conducted by Mobile analytics firm Flurry.

The survey notes that more people are playing games on their mobiles than on consoles.
The phenomenonal rise in mobile games has also attracted advertisers attention.

The advertisers believe mobile gamers are more likely to respond to advertisements, says Flurry. Just because users are ignoring the banner ads doesn’t mean advertisers have given up, they are working with the developers to actually become a part of the game itself. For example, the extra boost of power needed by gamers may be sponsored by a well known brand.

For the developers it means they can use all possible strategies to monetise their games. They may go for paid downloads, or a few free titles to attract the users, or in purchases to add levels to their free games.

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