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Microsoft to bring new Paint app in Windows 10

The last update for one of the oldest photo editing software came in with Windows 7.

Paint on Windows has been the default photo editor for over twenty years now and still people today use it for day to day purposes. But paint hasn’t been that go to photo editor for quite some time now. But in reality, it was never meant to be. The last update for one of the oldest photo editing software came in with Windows 7. Now Microsoft is set to bring a new update for the Paint app, claimed WalkingCat (@h0x0d).
Paint on Windows
The new update, reportedly, will bring pen functionality which was long missing. Also, it seems that a lot emphasis have been given to 3D printing in the update. Users will now be able to draw objects in 3D. Further, one can even convert 2D paintings to 3D. To convert, one can either use blocks which is ideal for buildings and other architecture content. Another option is to inflate objects with round edges which will be ideal for content which doesn’t have straight lines such as balloons. And, finally there are layers which was yet another option missing from this Window’s software. Windows has also created user content community which will enable users share their content across forums. For collaborative painting, there are boards which can be shared between users as well.

Although, these features are not new but at least they will make their way to ‘Paint’. Moreover, the software seems quite simple as shown in the video and doesn’t become over complicated at any stage which is good for rookies. However, professionals can also find some advance functionality which makes it a win-win situation for both kind of users. However, there is no support for third party plugins which is one of the limitations of this new upcoming software. Further, there is no option for colour correction or even selective image editing which is infact available in some of the few softwares as well.

With the new features the Paint app certainly would be more useful but given the options it won’t be the primary photo editing app for most.

Check out the video leaked on Twitter -https://t.co/wHzeAQkVqy

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