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It is time to end Google’s Monopoly in Maps, Apple has already done that: MapmyIndia CEO

We got a chance to do an interview with MapmyIndia’ CEO Rohan Verma where he talks about the Mappl maps, Dashcams and more.

As India’s infrastructure advances, there are going to be more roads in the country that will make it difficult for the drives to remember the routes. This is where the role of Maps comes in. Not only this, but a bunch of other factors are at play here, such as to know traffic conditions, road closures, etc, for which we turn to digital maps. However, when we talk of maps, the first name that comes to mind is Google Maps. To change that, an Indian firm called MapmyIndia is working hard so it can replace Google Maps with Mappl.

Recently, we interviewed the CEO of MapmyIndia, Rohan Verma, where we talk about what’s upcoming for MapmyIndia, how it is working in the field of maps with Mappl and is enhancing the technologies, and what other partnerships we can expect between MapmyIndia and other brands.

Q. Google has been dominating the Maps field with its Google Maps and not many consumers know about MapmyIndia’s Maps services on phones. Why do you think that is?

A. Currently, users are not aware of the MapmyIndia Mappls and what it offers. And that is because Google has had a monopoly over its operating system, where it pre-installs Google Maps, which makes it the default mapping service for users. We have now also started paying attention to the B2C side of the business as we shift our focus from the B2B area.

Q. MapmyIndia also offers Dashcams alongside its mapping business. What do you think are the top 3 features one should look for in a dash camera?

A. Dashcams have become a necessity in today’s scenario as more and more drivers come on roads. It can also ensure the safety of the people inside the car. So, one should first make sure that the dashcam they are purchasing has real-time 4G/5G network connectivity and not just support. This will ensure that the footage is safe on the online servers, even if the storage of the dashcam gets cleared for whatever reason.

Secondly, the dashcam should have both front-facing and cabin-facing cameras. This helps capture the situation in more angles. Thirdly, the app that is being used alongside the camera should have multi-features. For instance, our own app offers both dashcam services as well as navigation services.

Q. Can the recorded footage of the MapmyIndia Dashcams be viewed anywhere else apart from the card they are stored on?

A. Our dashcam has connectivity that allows us to store the footage on our servers. However, because this process is data-consuming, we are preparing data plans that will allow users to upload the video to the Mappls server. It should roll out in the next 2 to 3 months, and we are also trying to make the feature available for our existing dashcam users.

Q. The price of MapmyIndia’s dashcam isn’t very budget-friendly. Can we expect it to come down in the near future?

A. The Mappls CarEye is priced at Rs 23,990, and it sure isn’t budget-friendly. However, with safety in mind, we feel the product is worth spending on as it provides many features, including 4G connectivity. We are working on more variants that will come out at later point in time and at a cheaper price. Till then, users will always be getting appealing discounts on Mappls products.

Q. Is the Mappl Maps app free to use?

A. Yes, the Mappl Maps app is free to use. It also provides unique features such as 3D junction view that better represents highways than Google Maps, speed camera alert, live tracking of traffic, speed limit information and many more safety oriented features.

Q. How quickly do speed limit changes and new roads appear on Mappls app after they have been introduced?

A. Our tracking information for speed limits updates in real-time, thanks to our technology, team, and information from government departments. As for new roads also appear in real time whereas it takes time for Google to update it in their Maps.

Q. Can we expect new products from MapmyIndia in the next 2 to 3 months?

A. We have recently launched a plethora of Mappl gadgets in India and expect to roll out new updates for these in the coming months. The Mappls app will also get new features while our products that are built in collaboration with automakers will also have new capabilities.

Q. Is MapmyIndia in talks with any smartphone manufacturer for a long-term integration of Mappls app in their software?

A. We are already in talks with some major automotive manufacturers who will integrate MapmyIndia Maps in their cars. As for handset manufacturers, we already have Apple working with us where MapmyIndia powers Apple Maps for the Indian region. However, we are making efforts to work with more manufacturers so that we can end Google’s monopoly. I also urge the consumers to download the Mappls app and give it a shot over Google Maps.

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