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Instapaper for iOS gets an upgrade

The first thing that catches attention is the new design, as the app looks like a real newspaper.

Instapaper is a news reading app for iOS devices which got a major update including Wikipedia integration. The app itself was popular among iOS users who read a lot of news anyway. The app works by saving copies of content for offline reading on the device, and users can also share what they read on Facebook and Twitter.

With the current upgrade, the app has become even more useful. The first thing that catches attention is the new design both for the iPad and iPhone. The app looks like a real newspaper on the iPad as it now has grid columns showing different stories instead of just showing the usual list of stories. At the same time, the iPhone version still sports the stories in a list format though there is some redesign in navigation.

The creator of Instapaper, Marco Arment, says on his blog, “The iPad browsing interface has been completely redesigned to feel more at home in the iPad environment. Instead of just being a blown-up full-screen list, it’s now a more touch-friendly grid.”

Users can now also choose to read texts in white on a black background instead of the usual black on white. The brightness of the device can also be managed from within the app itself, and those who want to get more space on the iPhone screen can simply choose to remove the status bar. Last but not least, when the user wants to read more about a topic that he comes across on a page, he can do so on Wikipedia.

The Instapaper blog post further says, “Instapaper now has a true search feature, available as part of the $1/month subscription. Subscribers can now search the full contents of every article they’ve ever saved to Instapaper: unread, filed into folders, or in the archive. Deleted items can’t be searched because they’re really deleted. The new search feature is built right into the app.”

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