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New Kindle web app for better translation

Kindlefish translator works through Kindle browser which is slightly slower, but it is just the right help when you are abroad.

With e-book readers on the rise, Kindle has now added a translation support to it.

Kindle is well known for being a popular and efficient e-reader for the book enthusiasts. However, translation used to be a big problem for the Kindle users as the standard Google translation found to be unsuitable for the e-book reader.

For better translation from one language to other, Kindle has adopted a new web app, the Kindlefish.

There are three output buttons which can be set to three different languages as the user wants.

Users just need to type the phrase or sentence they want to translate in a box given. As soon as the ‘Entre’ button is hit, it produces the translated text.

The device shows translated text in bigger fonts, which facilitates easier communication.

For example, if the users are sitting in a French restaurant, they just have to show the device with translated name of the dish and the waiter will understand easily.

The Kindle will, however, work slightly slower, so the users need to be ready for the translation to take some time.

Currently, the only input language being supported by Kindlefish is English, which is likely to change in future.

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