How Tinder Passport is helping users to find their connection during India’s lockdown

By: The Mobile Indian network, New Delhi Last updated : April 29, 2020 7:12 pm

The company has recently made its premium feature, the Tinder Passport free for all users.

Tinder, a matching application, is making rounds during the Coronavirus lockdown. The company has recently made its premium feature, the Tinder Passport free for all users. 


With this, Tinder claims that the majority of its members are using the feature to passport between different Indian cities. For those who are not aware, Tinder Passport is a paid feature for Tinder Plus and Gold subscribers. One can search by city or simply drop a pin on the map and begin liking, matching and chatting with users in the marked location. One can easily navigate between one’s current location and new destinations with Tinder Passport. The company has revealed that the paid feature is free for all users until April 30th. 


Now, as per the latest statistics released by Tinder, majority of Tinder members are using the feature to change location within the country. Delhi-Mumbai pairing is recorded at the highest followed by Mumbai-Delhi pairing. 



This means that the users in Delhi and Mumbai are mostly pairing with each other during the lockdown. This is followed by Bengaluru-Delhi, Chennai-Bengaluru, Pune-Mumbai, Hyderabad-Bengaluru, Kolkata-Delhi, Ahmedabad-Mumbai, Jaipur-Delhi, Chandigarh-Delhi, Lucknow-Delhi, Surat-Mumbai, Indore-Mumbai, Kanpur-Mumbai and Patna-Delhi. 


“One of the reasons could be that while there is a global pandemic world over, what's different is how countries are dealing with it. When people are reaching out to other people in Indian cities, they could possibly feel that their context and personal reality would be better understood by other Indians. This could be a reflection of realistic expectations - as people see that international travel is unlikely and they stand a greater chance of meeting someone who is based within the country,” Tinder’s resident psychologist Sonali Gupta said.


The report highlights that Delhi NCT is the top destination in India where users search for others followed by Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata and Pune. Coming to the international destinations, India grabs the first position followed by the US, UK, Netherlands and Australia.


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