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How much Mobile Data an Indian Average user Consume Per Month?

The latest report from Ericsson reveals some serious growth in mobile data usage in India resulting in a year-on-year growth worldwide.

An average user in India will consume about 18GB per month by 2023, claims a report from Ericsson. Yes, it is said to grow five folds from the current 3.9 consumption per month. Further, the total mobile data consumed in India per month will surge from 1.3 EB (1 EB = 1000000 TB) to 14 EB by 2023. Now a lot of this can be accredited to the introduction of Reliance Jio and its aftermath which has given access to easy mobile data at extremely affordable prices.

The report also claims that the worldwide mobile data traffic showed the highest year-on-year growth due to the increased consumption in India. “It shows the highest year-on-year mobile data growth globally since 2013, by massive growth in India, and highlights the underlying need for mobile data,” – the report said.

Coming to the type of network, the Ericsson report revealed that about 20 percent of world’s population will use by 2023, which mind you, is expected to be made available for the public sometime in 2019 with the majority of deployments happening in 2020. For 2017, Ericsson claims that will be the dominant network type with an estimated reach of about 5.5 million subscriptions which is to increase to a number where it covers 85 percent of the world’s population. On the other hand, VoLTE subscriptions will reach 5.5 million subscriptions by 2023.

“The latest report highlights trends in mobile subscription and data traffic growth, as well as the industry’s effort to tackle the increasing demands on mobile networks globally. As we prepare for 5G, these trends will continue to set the agenda for the mobile industry going forward,” – Niklas Heuveldop, Ericsson.

If we talk about India, LTE is still at 17 percent with about 60 percent of the total subscriptions expected by 2023. Adding to this, the report forecasts VoLTE to be a fairly popular technology with about 800 million subscribers by 2023. The internet is accessible more than ever in today and we expect the trend to go on. Telecom operators in India, have been fighting to win their customers from Reliance Jio which has somewhat benefited the end user in many ways. Apart from the improvement in internet speeds, people have started to hover more on mobile data than or wired network. Reliance Jio ignited the trend which was long due and hopefully, will continue for a fair period of time in the future.

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