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Google will now let you know if the search results are sub-standard

In a new update rolling to Google search, it will now let you know if the content of the search results are not quite up to the mark

The Google search engine is probably one of the best outcomes of technology. All the knowledge just a click away. It has been a lifesaver for many, especially students. However, unlike popular believe, Google might not always (rarely) have the answers to your questions and Google has acknowledged it.

In a strange new update to search, Google is now letting users know when the search results they are looking at are substandard.

When the Google search is not quite able to display what you are looking for, it will display the following message: “It looks like there aren’t any great matches for your search.”

The Google search engine will always try its best to give you the perfect search results but, it does fall short sometimes. Things such as misspellings could possibly reduce search result quality even though google tries to correct them. Google is making continuous improvements to its language understanding system which enables it to provide search result.

In case there is no search result, Google will let you know with a message.

“Starting today in the U.S., we’re rolling out a new message that lets you know when Google hasn’t been able to find anything that matches your search particularly well.

While you can still go through the results to see for yourself if they’re helpful, the message is a signal that we probably haven’t found what you’re looking for.” Said Google.

If a question is not answerable, Google will also supply with you with some alternate “Did you mean” question in order to get the right results.

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