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Google Pixel 9 Series Will get Same Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor as Galaxy S24 Ultra

Google Pixel 9 series is set to employ an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner under the hood, which would be the same model used in Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Google announced that it will host a launch event on August 13 to unveil its next generation of smartphones, the Pixel 9 series. While we have already seen a lot of leaks revolving around the devices, a new one suggests that Google will opt for an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor in its upcoming Pixel 9 series.

The Pixel 9 will use an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, with the specific unit being Qualcomm’s 3D Sonic Gen 2 (QFS4008) — the same exact model that has also been equipped inside the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, as per a report by Android Authority. This would be a significant switch for the Google Pixel lineup, considering the optical fingerprint Google has been using for the past few years aren’t exactly the most promising in terms of speed of unlocking.

In comparison to an optical sensor, which shines a bright light on the sensor so it can read your print, an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor relies on inaudible sound waves to read a finger‘s valleys and ridges and then create a reproduction of the scanned fingerprint. These sensors can not only read your fingerprint even when it’s wet (which an optical sensor cannot), but they are also quicker in reading the print and are more reliable than optical sensors.

In addition, the new ultrasonic fingerprint scanner will be available on all variants of the Google Pixel 9 series except the Fold, which will get a side-facing sensor integrated into the power button itself.

Other details about the Pixel 9 series include that the lineup is expected to consist of three smartphones this year, including the Pixel 9 Pro XL, Pixel 9 Pro, and the Pixel 9. All three devices will have a similar design. The whole camera bar is now pill-shaped, compared to rectangular on the Pixel 8 Pro, with only the camera cutout inside it having the pill shape.

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