Google app teardown reveals Assistant upcoming Ambient mode and ‘Brief your Assistant’ features

By: Rohan Pal, The Mobile Indian, New Delhi Last updated : July 06, 2019 1:27 pm

The company is said to be working on Ambient mode, Brief your Assistant, Shortcuts and more for Google Assistant.

Google is reportedly working on bringing new features to its Google Assistant. The company is said to be working on Ambient mode, Brief your Assistant, Shortcuts and more for Google Assistant. 

The latest Google app teardown by 9to5Google reveals that Assistant will get a new Ambient Mode, though, it might be exclusive to the Pixel series. The mode will showcase frequently requested queries like What's the weather or play night sounds right from the always-on display present in the Pixel series. 


Furthermore, the company will also introduce a new Voice Match feature, which will allow users to send messages, access email, calendar, contacts and more when the device is locked. Then there is another feature known as ‘Brief Your Assistant’, which will come with a message, “Hi, I’m your Google Assistant, here to help you throughout your day! I can be more helpful the better I know you. Which areas would you like some help with?”


The feature will allow users to tell the Assistant their interests and get relevant help throughout the day. One will be able to select pre-defined areas as part of the new feature. Finally, the report adds that the brand might also add the Shortcuts feature, which might refer to a marketplace meant for finding and adding different ‘Shortcuts’ to the device. It would be interesting to see whether this feature will replace Google Routines or not. However, the report adds that the feature might offer action macros for automating all kinds of things. 



Previously, Google added new features to the Google Assistant with pictures depicting changes in the way answers are displayed to users. For example, searching for “cute cats” inside the Assistant will now yield you thumbnails showing different breeds of cats from top pages, rather than just displaying a list of links with the keyword cute cats in it. 


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