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Gmail Priority Inbox on Android 2.2 Froyo

The Gmail app on Android 2.2 Froyo will now get more frequent updates than it used to. Among the new features it now supports is the Gmail Priority Inbox.

The Gmail on 2.2 Froyo now has Google’s Priority Inbox feature, which automatically filters and flags messages received by you.
It was in August that Priority Inbox was first launched and according to Google, the time that users spend reading emails has reduced by about 15 per cent after this feature was introduced. Till now Priority Inbox was not available on Android although the OS had the Gmail app.
Priority Inbox default in Gmail
Those who have used Priority Inbox on desktops or laptops will find it pretty easy – messages in the inbox that are deemed important by Gmail have an arrow next to them. If you want to go through only important messages, you can choose the Priority Inbox label, which can also be set as the default email filter in your Gmail account.
Gmail app’s priority email alerts
There are other exciting options as well: a Gmail account can be set to notify you with a sound or vibration whenever you receive a new message in your Priority Inbox, and it won’t send you alerts when you receive less important messages or spam.
More Gmail app updates on Android 2.2 Froyo
Google has also made a few other Gmail features available on mobile devices. For instance, selecting the Reply All button on a smartphone is now simpler.
The Gmail app on Android now gets updates more frequently than it used to. This is because the Gmail app was earlier tied to the operating system, which meant that each time Gmail was to be upgraded, the entire operating system would consequently have to be upgraded as well.
Updating an OS is a cumbersome process, so additions to the Gmail app were made in one go and only occasionally. Now, you can expect Gmail to download updates more often, which could be a bother if you don’t have fast and unlimited internet access.

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