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Footprints helps you track your friends and family

The iPhone app is better than Google Latitude in terms of battery usage, and sharing location with friends and family. It uses power efficiently as Footprints doesn't send location updates all the time.

Footprints, a location check-in service like Google Latitude, has been launched on iPhone devices.

Footprints fares better over Google Latitude when it comes to the sharing facility it has, which allows users to post their location to multiple sources at once.

The application uses the phone’s battery more efficiently by allowing users to set the intervals when the location would be sent over the air.

With Footprints, it is extremely easy to share location, as users just have to select someone from their address book. The probably assumes users would not want to share their location with someone who is not in their address book already.

The app can be downloaded free of charge, but after three months users will have to pay to keep Footprints.

This is just the right app for parents who want to track their kids. It runs in the background and kids cannot disable the tracker due to the parental control feature in the phone. Users can locate their friends and family using Google Maps, and they can also find out how much time they spent there.

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