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Five of the best free games on Android

Must have free to play games for Android smartphone users who have time to kill and brain cells to exercise.

Mobile phone gaming is giving stiff competition to gaming on other platforms, and to a large extent the credit goes to the newer breed of smartphones. With advanced processors, better graphic capabilities and controls that range from just touch to motion control, smartphones give a realistic feel to the games being played on them.

Here’s our list of the five best free games for smartphones:

Angry Birds:

The creator of Angry Birds, Rovio Mobile’s success is due to this game alone. The name of this game is itself enough to bring smiles to the faces of lakhs of people.

Who would have thought that the simple idea of launching a few screaming birds at some worthless pigs from a catapult will result in the creation of a legend.

But the truth is right before our eyes.

At present, Angry Birds is the most popular and the most downloaded game across smartphone platforms. Users can enjoy the latest installment of Angry Birds Rio on their smartphones once they are done playing the original version.

This game has a full version and an ad supported one as well.


This game brings back memories of a small game built on our pencil boxes in school, that had four silver balls and a circular maze, in which the goal was to get all the four balls to the center of the circles.

Well, labyrinth is not different. The objective of this game is to take the silver ball through the tricky track and reach the goal, and the best thing is that this game uses the inbuilt of the smartphone to allow motion sensing direction control.

There are 10 different levels in the free version and users are allowed to make their custom levels as well, so hours of fun are guaranteed.

This game has been developed by Illusion Labs.

Robo Defense

Robo Defense is a real time strategy game in which you plan ways to ward off constantly growing attacks by the robot army that wants to take your castle.

Players have to deploy weapons to defend themselves from the army. The weapons can also be upgraded by using the money earned by killing or destroying robots.

The game starts at a very basic level of difficulty. As it progresses, the degree of difficulty increases, thereby increasing the number of robot attacks, and also sending more and more difficult opponents that require a higher level of skill or strategy to kill.

The free version only includes one level but a little tweak to the difficulty settings can give a different game-play experience altogether.

Cyberlord Archology

The game is set in the year 2173, when the powers of the governments are on the decline and the world is governed by mega corporations.

You have to lead the resistance forces and save the world from total surveillance!
Your role is to lead a four-man team on infiltration missions, hacking into camera systems and computer terminals, taking over security robots and luring enemies into ambushes with mines and sentry guns.

Mouse Trap

This is possibly one of the simplest puzzle games ever made but it has all the ingredients to keep players of all ages hooked to it.

The story idea behind the game is to move bricks and other obstacles from the mouse’s path and help it to exit. The levels are simpler in the beginning and as you progress through the game, the intensity and level of difficulty increase, with more complex puzzles and unmovable tiles in the way.

The mouse knows only one way and that is to go straight. So you have to wear your thinking cap and move the obstacles out of its way. If you run completely out of ideas then you have the option of restarting the level or get a hint that gives step by step guidance to finish the level.

But there is a limit beyond one help request per hour; so you will be forced to use your grey matter.

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