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Facebook to soon run ads in the middle of videos

Although the move is a big thumb up if you are a regular video creator on Facebook, it is surely annoying for a normal user.

To add to its advertisement revenue, Facebook will soon run advertisements in between the videos under its “mid-roll” video advertisements model. The model will be first tested out for some time before it gets added to the famous Social Networking platform. Unlike YouTube, Facebook will only stream ads midway through a video as the CEO Mark Zuckerberg resisted the pre-roll model.

Meanwhile, earlier this week, reports also hinted that the new ad model will also be implemented on the ‘Stories’ section of Facebook-owned Instagram.
As far as the monetary compensation is concerned, it is exactly same as YouTube i.e. 55% of the ad revenue generated will be given to the Publisher or content creators. However, many of the famous content creators on YouTube has shown their disappointment on how low it can get in terms of monetary compensation for the ad revenue.

As mentioned above, the advertisements will run midway through a video which is at least 90 seconds long and it will only run if a user has watched that particular video for at least 20 seconds. Apart from this, Facebook has really worked upon its advertisement game recently and is currently considered one of the best mediums to advertise.

Before this, only publishers who would help Facebook create some sponsor videos was compensated. The compensation also extends to the media companies and celebrities which use the Facebook Live feature.

Although the move is a big thumb up for a regular video creator on Facebook, it is surely annoying for a normal user who loves watching videos on the famous social networking platform. Pre-roll or Mid-roll is not an ideal way of advertising your product which is why most of us usually wait for the timer on these ads to end in order to skip through it. Just like YouTube, Facebook also recently introduced the copyright claimant policy. While the Copyright policy was a much-needed move, it will be interesting to see user’s reaction to the mid-roll ad model.


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