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Facebook photo sharing app for iOS revealed

The interface revolves completely around photos, even more than the current Facebook app's photos section does. The new app isn't likely to have photo editing features.

Facebook is planning to launch a new photo sharing that will allow users to upload, share and tag photos via the social networking website, according to TechCrunch. Initially, the app will be available to iPhone users only.

According to the report, the application is likely to be a combination of existing photo-sharing apps such as Path, Instagram and Color. There will be a camera button, a photo notifications icon, and a menu at the bottom left.

The interface revolves completely around photos, compared to the photos section of the current Facebook app, which only shows thumbnails of images on the interface. The editing features which are there in Instagram are not likely to be present in this app, which is therefore not likely to be a threat to Instagram yet.

TechCrunch called the app ‘awesome’, though users would definitely like to reserve their judgment until they actually take a look at the app. The project has been internally codenamed “Hovertown” or possibly “WithPeople”, and it seems to be a stand-alone app at the moment though in future it may go on to become a part of the Facebook app and probably of the Facebook website as well.

There is no reason for users to be surprised by the development since Facebook has already become a huge repository for photos uploaded by its users. Mobile users have, however, quickly adopted apps from other developers such as Instagram and Color, which had the first mover advantage in the mobile space. Facebook probably felt concerned by it since it would like to have as much control over the sharing and social networking space as possible.

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