Facebook blames Apple for Amazon CEO Jeff Bezo’s phone hack

By: Rohan Pal, The Mobile Indian, New Delhi Last updated : January 27, 2020 7:31 pm

The company has said that WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption is unhackable.

Facebook has blamed Apple’s operating system for the hacking of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’s smartphone. The company has said that WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption is unhackable. 


In an interview to the BBC, Facebook's Vice President of Global Affairs and Communications, Nick Clegg, said the hack was not due to WhatsApp because it features end-to-end encryption, which is unhackable. He said that there is a fault in Apple’s operating system. 


"It sounds like something on the, you know, what they call the operate, operated on the phone itself. It can't have been anything on the, when the message was sent, in transit, because that's end-to-end encrypted on WhatsApp," Clegg said in a statement.



The whole incident came into limelight  Jeff mobile phone was hacked following exchange between him and Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman on WhatsApp. The Guardian reported that was infected with a video file that was sent from bin Salman’s personal account. According to a report by FTI Consulting, after the video file was received, Bezos’ smartphone started sending an unusually large amount of data including some intimate messages with his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez. 


WhatsApp basically has end-to-end encryption by default, which means only the sender and recipient can view the messages. However, this is not the first time WhatsApp is under the limelight. A security vulnerability has been discovered that allows hackers to steal personal information using a specially-crafted MP4 file.


Once a user downloaded an MP4 file from the messaging application, hackers could execute a snooping attack. The vulnerability is discovered in both Android and iOS versions. The specially-crafted MP4 file triggers the remote code execution (REC) and denial of service (DoS) cyber-attack

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