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Facebook big on Windows Phone Mango

With one million users, and the increasing number of committed handset partners the Windows Phone 7 platform is expected to cross many milestones.

In terms of Facebook integration, the other mobile operating systems are definitely doing better, but Windows Phone 7 is fast catching up. The technology website WMPowerusers reports that Facebook app has reached one million Windows Phone users.

When it comes to Facebook usage on mobiles, iOS devices have about 90 million users, whereas Android enjoys about 67 million active Facebook users. The site also calculates that there are about 6 million Windows Phone 7 users by now.

As it has one million users, with the increase in the number of committed handset partners and devices, the Windows Phone 7 platform is expected to cross even more milestones.

When Windows Phone 7 was launched, despite good reviews there was a feeling that the platform was not complete. As the missing pieces such as a Facebook app for Windows Phone arrive, the picture begins to look more complete. After the Windows Phone 7 Mango upgrade, the user response about the performance and responsiveness of the phone has been good, at least on par with the Android handsets in the market.

The only slightly discordant note has been about battery life, as some users suggest they sometimes notice the battery needs charge before the day ends. In the new operating system, the People Hub is basically the phonebook itself, though it is beefed up with data from Facebook.

Windows Phone 7 Mango also adds Twitter and LinkedIn support which means that users can check what’s new in the social networks without even installing separate apps for them. There is a separate title in the Metro user interface which is called “Me” where users can post updates straight to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even Windows Live. What’s more, even the notifications come straight to the “Me” tile.

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