Dolby On app for recording studio-quality sound launching in India

By: The Mobile Indian network, New Delhi Last updated : April 02, 2020 6:47 pm

The company has revealed that its Dolby On app will be launched in India on April 3 for Android users post-approval from Google

Dolby has announced that it will be launching a new application for recording music and video with studio-quality sound in India soon. The company has revealed that its Dolby On app is expected to be made available in India on April 3 for Android users post-approval from Google.


The app is already available for iOS users in the country. The company claims that the latest application can deliver studio-quality like sound recording to budding musicians and artists. The latest app claims to record live sound and video with a suite of automatic studio effects. The app uses advanced Dolby audio processing to capture high-quality audio with a simple click of a button. The company says that it empowers music creators to make their statement with amazing sound quality, anytime and anywhere. 


Dolby On analyzes your music and automatically applies just the right touch of EQ, compression, noise reduction, stereo widening, and more. It also helps in fade in/out, de-essing and more. The app shapes the sound with Dolby unique dynamic EQ and stereo widening for tone and space. The brand claims that the app optimizes the sound for popular music platforms as well. Furthermore, one can do Facebook live to stream and on other social media platforms with the app. 



The app also allows to record and export in lossless audio. Moving on, one can customise the audio and video recording with audio effects and audio editor. It features six custom-designed sound styles to apply to one’s music recording. One can also use an external mic to record sound through the app. It also provides animated cover art so that one can directly share audio tracks directly to social media or SoundCloud.

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