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Cross platform dictionary app with text, audio, images and video in the making

The prototype of the dictionary is already available on Chrome on a PC, Safari on a Mac, and on iPad/iPhone.

Online dictionary is nothing new, however a project team at Georgia Tech has just announced a project on FundaGeek.com to create something they call Dictionary 3.0.

This new dictionary will not just have word meanings, it will also have related audio on how to pronounce the word, how to use it and will also have related images and videos for better understanding.

The free dictionary will be cross-platform and accessible on all devices (phones, tablets, PCs). Currently, the prototype works in Chrome on a PC, safari on a Mac, and on an iPad/iPhone.
Cross platform dictionary app
“Paper dictionaries are hard to search. Online dictionaries are hard to understand. D3 will provide a free tool that all students can use to increase their vocabulary in a form they are accustomed to in today’s technological age,” Dr Hamilton, senior research scientist associated with the project explained.

For example, typing in the word ‘spooky’ brings up definition: “spooky: dark and scary”. Along with that there will be example, such as: Tom and Jerry met a spooky bat. Plus, a video will illustrate the sample sentence with an audio option to listen to the word.

When complete, this tool will also provide teachers with a ready-made multimedia reference for help when explaining a word’s meaning or concept in any subject.

D3 is currently in the development stage and seeking funding at FundaGeek.com to build the basic software and begin adding words to the dictionary. To know more about the project one can click here.


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