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Blog easy with smartphones too

If you thought posting multiple photos or videos on a blog is difficult, there are apps that could help you.

Popular blogging platform WordPress notes that 60 million page views, registered by its blogs come through mobile phones. As mobile traffic increases, it will be important for publishers to make sure their blogs render well on mobile screens as well.

Plugins may help you

WordPress does not allow users to have two themes at the same time, but a plugin — WordPress Mobile Edition — detects a mobile and replaces the theme accordingly. Don’t worry, desktop users will not notice anything missing.

WordPress application for iPhone

If you have seen the WordPress application for iPhone, it may have become a favourite because it allows users to create, edit and post on their blogs — almost everything they did on desktop browsers.

If there are multiple photos or charts to be uploaded, posting on a blog would seem like an endless task. The WordPress application for is equally good; just the way an official application is expected to be. All WordPress accounts can be updated from the same app.


iBlogger is another that supports multiple blogging platforms including WordPress, Blogger and TypePad. Even if users don’t like it as much as they would the previous one, the facility to blog on different platforms is definitely one big plus for them.

BlackBerry blogging app

BlackBerry owners have the option to blog with the help of BBMetaBlog, which allows posting on several blogging platforms, including WordPress. Those who are not comfortable with it can always try WordPress for BlackBerry.

Blogger app for Android

The Blogger app for Android allows users to take photos from the mobile camera, which can be added to the post while drafting. The photos present in the gallery can also be inserted into the blog post within the app itself. Using the of the phone, readers may also be told where the blogger is writing from. Videos, products, photos etc. can be shared with the Blogger app, after which it can be posted to the blog right away.

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