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Be cautious while using Facebook apps on smartphones

Facebook and Google calendar data can be accessed without authorisation when users surf the web through smartphone apps.

Unauthorised persons can access your private messages and photos if you are using Facebook or Google Calendar apps through your smartphone, says a Rice University professor and computer scientist Dan Wallach..

According to him, other than the password, all other data sent over the internet is unencrypted. Even private messages and photos are easily accessible to hackers. In his study, this happened even when users had configured their Facebook account with SSL always on.

Facebook said it plans to make changes which will remove all chances of unauthorised data access.

It was only last month that the company offered to turn on HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) so that communication within the Facebook ecosystem could be secured. It was later noticed that some apps in smartphones switched the data to regular HTTP (unencrypted) without warning users that the changes would be permanent.

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