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Apps for faster typing in Tablet

Special keyboard apps has been developed by the Swiftkey and Thumb Keyboard for users for their ease in typing in a Tablet.

Typing in a Tablet is a difficult task in itself. As typing has to be done on the screen and there is no physical keypad, so the users need to constantly look at it. Despite doing their best to learn this new way, most of the users would not be able to break speed typing records.

The problem is we have all been comfortable with physical keyboards for too long.
Apple brought different solutions, such as taps, pinches, swipes and slides, to facilitate the transition from pointing devices to the virtual one of Tablets.

But then, touchscreen keypads also face problems, which are present even on physical keypads, such as fat fingers, misspellings, autocorrect issues.
The future, however, looks bright as all the developers start working as part of a team, rather than different warring factions.

For example, Swype brought out a solution by which users just need to write on the touchscreen with their finger and the software figures out the next likely word, and most of the time it is very accurate in predicting.

Special keyboard apps has also been developed by the Swiftkey and Thumb Keyboard for users who want to type on the device using their thumbs only.

Both the keyboards place the letter keys on two sides of the Tablet, nearer to the thumb. The letters are easily accessible in both landscape and portrait modes. Some letters are repeated on two sides, which makes it a little more convenient for the users.

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