Apple now releases unlocked iPhone 4 in USA; still costly for Indians

By: Samir Makwana, The Mobile Indian, New Delhi Last updated : December 26, 2018 4:03 pm

Apple has made the unlocked iPhone 4 available in USA at $649 for 16 GB and $749 for 32 GB.
Apple has finally put up unlocked iPhone 4 devices for sale in the USA and it can be used anywhere in the world with any micro-SIM from any cellular service provider.

A 16 GB unlocked iPhone 4 costs $649 (Rs 29,250 approximately) and 32 GB iPhone 4 costs $749 750 (about Rs 33,750) without sales tax, which is roughly between $40 and $53. The device is available in black and white colours.

However, all those who are just getting excited about bringing unlocked iPhone 4 phones from the USA should pay heed to the fact that the smartphone is about the same price in India.

In the past Apple has sold contract-free iPhone models that were configured to work with AT&T wireless in the USA.

Last month we analysed the cost of Apple iPhone 4 overseas (outside India). Our analysis still stands true that the "possession price" of an unlocked iPhone 4 in India is relatively cheap compared to what it is in the USA, UK and in other European countries.

Unlocked iPhone 4 devices are also available in Canada for CAD $659 (Rs 30,257 approximately) for the 16 GB model and CAD $779 (about Rs 35,768 ) for the 32 GB version, which is low compared to most other countries.

In India, Apple is selling an unlocked 16 GB iPhone 4 at Rs 34,500 and a 32 GB model for about Rs 40,900. Apple has pleased several USA based nationals who wish to use the iPhone 4 with other carriers of their choice. If you are in India and are looking to order an iPhone 4 through a friend, colleague or relative, then it's not a wise choice.

Do note that despite being sold in the USA, the iPhone 4 does come with international warranty. So yes, if anyone has bought a 'legally' unlocked iPhone 4 from the USA then it will be under warranty in India as well.

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