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Apple iPhone 6 reportedly explodes in man's hands

By: Parth Pundir, The Mobile Indian, New Delhi Last updated : December 05, 2017 5:10 pm

Abd Ghaith was texting one of his friends when his iPhone 6 started to imitate some smoke from the sides of the device.

An Apple iPhone 6 smartphone mysteriously caught fire at a grocery store in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn. According to a report by abc7, the user, Abd Ghaith was texting one of his friends, when his iPhone 6 started to imitate some smoke from the sides of the device. Later, when Abd pulled out the case of the phone to see the back, the smartphone exploded.


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The incident took place in Ghaith’s grocery store and was recorded on his CCTV camera. He added, that the phone was burning for approximately 20 minutes, and while burning, the phone was so hot that it left a mark on the floor. "My biggest concern is I'm happy it was a text message and not a call. Because if I had it to my ear and it happened, it probably would have burned off my face," Ghaith said.



An official spokesperson from Apple, commenting on the situation said “Apple takes customer care and their safety very seriously. We will analyze the device."


To recall, earlier this year in October, a Samsung Galaxy J7 smartphone caught fire in a Jet Airways flight travelling from New Delhi to Indore. The device belongs to one of the passengers and around 15 minutes into the flight, owner of the smartphone noticed the smoke, which was later submerged in water to kill the fire.

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