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Apple gets new screws to prevent unauthorised repairs

Apple is switching to a new, non standard tamper resistant screw and unless you work at an Apple service centre, you're probably going to find it extremely difficult to repair your Apple device.

Apple is going to use a new tamper resistant screw, and there are no screwdrivers readily available in the market that can help you open it. It’s not the first time these screws have been used by the company. Tamper-resistant screws were first used by Apple in 2009 in MacBook Pro so users couldn’t replace the device’s battery.

The screw Apple uses is similar to Torx Screws, but with rounder points, according to iFixit. Moreover, Apple’s screws have five points unlike Torx Screws, which have six. The screwdrivers to undo these screws are only meant to be used by Apple certified technicians, but surely the grey market in your city will be able to provide a solution — although that will make the device’s warranty agreement useless.

It is expected that anybody who goes to Apple repair centre for any type of repair, will get the new screws for his or her device so no other person can open it anymore (apart from the Apple people).

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