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Android security apps for smartphones, tablets

With Webroot app, users can wipe out text messages, contact information and other details and even lock the device remotely.

Webroot, an Internet security company, has launched two mobile security applications for devices. The apps provide an extra layer of security for Android tablets and smartphones, so the users can safely browse the Internet and download stuff.

The Webroot security apps first assess the safety of links and other stuff available on the website before users can safely open the links.

The also blocks certain caller as per the users’ wishes.

Quinn Curtis, vice president of mobile solutions, Webroot, says, “With smartphones and tablets, we carry around vast amounts of personal data including our contacts, emails, passwords, and even financial information. This data is targeted by cybercriminals through malware, online scams, and device theft, and the market success of the Android mobile operating system provides the scale they need to make those attacks profitable.”

With this app, one can remotely wipe out text messages, contact information, and even lock the device or make the device to give a sound alert so the users may find out where they have kept it. In case the users forget the password, they can get the app to send a temporary access code to a trusted friend too.

The basic version of the app can be downloaded for free. The paid version is available for $14.99 (Rs 670 per year) subscription fee per year.

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