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Android 13 reaches platform stability stage with Beta 3

Android 13 has reached platform stability.


  • Android 13 Beta 3 is live for select Pixel devices
  • Android 13 has reached platform stability
  • Android 13 brings new privacy focused features

Android 13 is the upcoming version of the Google’s operating system that is set to bring a bunch of privacy and security based features. Google has released the third beta build of Android 13 for select Pixel smartphones. Furthermore, with the arrival of Beta 3, Android 13 has reached the platform stability stage.

Android 13 is one step closer to an official release

In a blog post, Google announced the Android 13 Beta 3 while sticking to its timeline which it released a couple of months ago. It confirmed that Android 13 has reached its platform stability stage meaning that Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are now finalised and will not be changed from now until the official release. This is the stage which will allow developers to confidently focus on compatibility testing and quality for their apps.

Google pushes developer previews and beta versions of upcoming Android versions months before the official release for this very same reason, so that developers can ready their apps for the next version of Android. “We’re asking all app and game developers to start your final compatibility testing now and prepare to publish your compatibility updates as soon as possible ahead of the final release”, said Google.

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There will be one more update in the month of July which will be followed by the final release sometime in August. Google is also urging the developers to work through all of their app’s flows and watch for functional or UI issues. It is also asking developers to check other app behaviours as well including new behaviours, such as the new runtime permission for sending notifications as apps in Android 13 will have to ask for consent of the user before sending them notifications.

Android 13 Beta 3 is available for Pixel 4 and newer devices from Google. To install, one will have to first enrol into the beta program offered by Google, following which the user will receive an OTA update for the beta. Android 13 comes with a bunch of new features and enhancements from privacy features like the new notification permission and photo picker, to productivity features like themed app icons and per-app language support, as well as modern standards like HDR video, Bluetooth LE Audio, and MIDI 2.0 over USB.

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