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An Android app that helps you sleep better

ElectricSleep app records your sleep cycles with the help of an accelerometer.

Finally there is an application that helps you sleep better.

ElectricSleep, an app, uses an to record the sleep movements of the users. It depicts the sleep cycles you go through which can be dissected and analyzed later either by you or a specialist.

Most adults going through the vagaries of the real world will identify with the story. The stress and strain of everyday life makes it difficult for many of us to get a good night’s sleep. Even if you do manage to sleep, you still wake up tired, which says a lot about the lack of sleep quality. You don’t know what’s causing the sleep deficiency because you are neither awake, nor asleep at that time.

This app can find out if you are in light sleep and wake you up accordingly. The basic thought that has gone behind it is those who wake up from a deep sleep are less refreshed than those who wake up from a light sleep.

While using it for the first time, one need to calibrate their sleep cycles with the app.

The application is yet to be (fully) launched in the market though it is open for beta testing.

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