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Amazon eyes No 1 spot in Android ecosystem

Amazon began with Kindle app, followed up with Amazon AppStore, promotions and now it seems that a tablet is on the way.

Amazon’s game plan is becoming clearer now. It already comes armed with a store which is giving Apple a good competition. And with the recent launch of Cloud Drive and Cloud Player, it is now stepping up the heat.

It is in fact, beginning to compete directly with the Market itself, gradually phasing it out in the process.

Amazon is providing more features to the users than the Android Market does. Take the Test Drive for example, which allows users to actually use the on a simulator on their computer browser. This shows how good Amazon is with actually selling a product to the consumers.

The process of Android domination by Amazon began when it launched the Kindle app. Although the same app was introduced on all the other platforms, Amazon had kept Android in the center. As the Android platform grew in size, the book sales from Kindle also jumped. Needless to say, Amazon used the retail opportunity provided by Android really well.

The gradual progress of the Amazon bouquet of services grew with Amazon AppStore. Amazon also brought its typical promotions along, including the ‘free app of the day’ which is more popular than the original Android Market.

The Amazon march continued with the launch of Amazon cloud player. So whatever the users choose to do, they can do it with Amazon be it books, music or apps. Add the integration of app store with the platform itself, and the possibility that Amazon may be working on its own tablet, the Amazon game plan suddenly begins to look formidable.

That doesn’t mean that there are no holes in the Amazon plan. While installing the Android AppStore, Android users have to disable the security setting on Android tablet. It also means the users can install any other app store on the device too. Amazon needs to work on the security feature to assure users that they can continue to use the Amazon services safely in the future.

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