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How to design a better CV, fast and free, this chrome extension can help

With Linkedin all pervasive among the working, a massive pain point was using your profile as a formal CV. This simple chrome extension promises to solve that problem.

Over the past few years, everyone and his cousin have moved to Linkedin. Marked clearly as the last refuge for your professional achievements and space, the platform has probably evolved, but not fast enough to meet its user’s requirements. One key pain point was always the fact that recruiters, when pointed to Linkedin Profiles, would still insist on getting a formal CV, making all that painstaking effort put into making and regularly updating your Linkedin profile redundant.

Well, there is help finally, and in our view, this one is a seriously good option. At Ceev.io, the chrome extension does a really good job of taking your Linked In profile and converting it to a quality CV. With many design and format options, there seem to be enough choices to make it worth a serious look. And there is a good video explaining just how you can use it. Does it do a better job than all the paid CV making options out there?

It will depend on whether you need the help on your CV for design and formatting or with the content. For, if it is the latter, then the professional CV writing firms might still offer you an option that is better. But if it’s just some swag you want to add to your CV, then take a look at this Chrome extension. It could really extend your chances in the job market. At the very least, you no longer have the excuse of lack of time to make a decent CV, in case you have a detailed profile on Linkedin available.

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