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How to mange Online social privacy via app?

By: The Mobile Indian network, Kolkata Last updated : February 04, 2020 10:10 pm

jumbo,a privacy app that makes sure you're information is safe in the online world without you breaking a sweat!

Worried about your online social privacy like everyone else? Jumbo, an app, with a good material UI and some serious muscle to tackle potential Privacy threats, is an asset to your online security arsenal


The app is available on google play store and apple app store. The core take away of the app is to change your privacy setting on your social apps making them secure.



Walking through the app shows it's intuitive and self-explanatory UI ( User interface). When the app is first launched you will be asked to sign in into your social platforms like Google, Facebook and twitter via a mini browser and that's it!


The script acts as 'you' and changes your privacy settings but not without your permission. The placards on the home screen tell you about the changes it's making such as making your account private or removing sensitive information from your social media but will only do so when you authenticate it by pressing 'yes'.



A feature that some of us with social anxiety might like is the app's ability to delete old photos and posts, saving us possible future embarrassment, but not to worry, it saves all this deleted content on its onboard storage called the 'vault' for future access.


It not only makes your social platform safe but also enables account security features like 2-factor authentication. A feature that we found useful was its ability to detect data breach that might have happened due to your information being linked with your email being compromised.


Gmail and other google apps like youtube and chrome are made more private by wiping histories and searches. Jumbo also takes care of those creepy ads that you see on your social media that seem to be following your every search,tap and even your speech!


If you want to be extra careful with your online footprint, Jumbo can be explored.

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