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How to use Google Nearby Share: Google’s version of Apple AirDrop

Here’s how you can use Google’s version of Apple AirDrop, called Nearby Share.

Apple’s AirDrop has been one of the most liked features by Apple users so they can share anything instantly with any other iPhone, iPad or Mac users. Google wanted to catch up and in 2020, the company introduced Nearby Share using which Android users could share files and other stuff among them at fast speeds. So here’s how you can use Google Nearby Share to share files with your friends and family who are Android users:

Step 1

To begin with, you should first ensure that your Android smartphone is running on Android 6.0 or above as Nearby Share works only on such smartphones. Next, Open the content, like a photo or webpage which you want to share.

Step 2

Google nearby share

Next, tap on the share button and then click on Nearby Share. If the feature is turned off, you will have to switch it ON by clicking on ‘Turn on’.

Step 3

Next, you get three options as to with whom you want to share files with. You can either stay hidden so your phone can neither send or receive files. You can set it to Contacts so all your nearby contacts can share content with you. The ’Everyone’ option will let anyone share files with you and not just your contacts.

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Step 4

Now, your phone will start looking for devices you want to share content with. You will have to follow Steps 1, 2 and 3 on the receiver’s phone as well so your device can search for their phone. Now you can tap on the name of the contact which appears in ‘Looking for more devices’ box.

Step 5

Nearby Share google

Once done, tap on Accept in the receiver’s phone so that device can receive the file you are sending. Nearby Share then automatically chooses the best protocol for fast and easy sharing using Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, WebRTC or peer-to-peer WiFi — allowing you to share even when you’re fully offline.

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