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Asphalt 9: Legends Evolves Into Asphalt Legends Unite: A Full-Scale Upgrade

Asphalt 9: Legends is all set to transform into Asphalt Legends Unite with an upgraded gaming engine, improved graphics and much more.

In a turn of events for racing game enthusiasts, Gameloft has announced a significant upgrade to the beloved Asphalt 9: Legends. The game is set to evolve into ‘Asphalt Legends Unite’, marking a full-scale upgrade that promises to redefine the mobile racing experience.

Asphalt Legends Unite is not just an update; it’s a complete overhaul of the current game. Slated for release in July 2024, this new title will replace Asphalt 9: Legends, incorporating a host of new features and improvements that fans have long been clamouring for.

One of the most anticipated additions is the co-op feature in the pursuit mode, allowing players to team up with friends for thrilling tactical races. A team of five Security players will work together to hunt down three Syndicate drivers, adding a new layer of strategy and camaraderie to the game, as noted by GamingonPhone.

Moreover, Asphalt Legends Unite will introduce a new cross-play functionality, enabling players to race against Console, Mac, and PC competitors. This feature also brings cross-progression, ensuring that all progress from Asphalt 9: Legends will be seamlessly carried over to the new title.

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Asphalt Legends Unite will boast an upgraded game engine enabling features like dynamic lighting—a first for the franchise— with surface reflections, real-time headlights that will illuminate the tracks like never before, thereby adding to the game’s immersive quality.

The new garage system is designed to give players a ‘new-car-reveal’ feeling every time they unlock a new vehicle. It’ll allow players to unlock over 250 licensed hypercars.

Newcomers to the Asphalt series need not worry about being left behind. The new game is designed to be accessible to new players while still offering the depth and excitement that long-time fans expect from the franchise.

When Is Asphalt Legends Unite Releasing?

According to Gameloft, the game is set to release in July 2024. However, the company didn’t share an exact date.

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