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How to Recover Photos on Windows 11

Life can be challenging for people who are still using a Windows 11 computer. Although Microsoft announced that the OS version will no longer be receiving security updates from 2023, it will still run perfectly fine on your computer. With several features, such as the “Tablet Mode” in Windows 11, several users are accustomed to the OS. It surely is great!

What happens if you accidentally lose all your images from a Windows 11 computer? With the dying support for photo recovery from Windows 11 by most software companies, Wondershare Recoverit offers refuge to users. Keep reading to learn more about the tool and how it can help you recover permanently deleted photos from your Windows 11. Let’s get started.

Part 1: Major Reasons That Make You Lose Photos on Windows 11

Data loss can occur due to multiple reasons. If you have lost your photos on Windows 11 and cannot understand why this happened, here are a few potential causes that might have caused this problem. Let’s give them a look.

Human Mistakes

One of the most common causes of data loss on devices is human errors. Manual actions are always prone to mistakes, and one wrong click can result in dire consequences. These errors can include overwriting files by mistake, formatting drives without backups, accidentally hitting the delete button, or other kinds of negligence. It can get quite concerning.


Different forms of cybercrimes, such as virus and malware attacks, hackers, and other malicious activity, can often result in deleted or lost images and other essential data from a system. If left unsupervised, these malicious activities can cause you serious trouble and severe destruction of data. Always look out for this!

Drive Malfunctions

Hard drives of computers are highly susceptible to failures and crashes. If the storage drive containing your images malfunctions, it can cause data loss. Issues in hard drives can arise due to overheating, dust exposure, or other problems. Aren’t you aware of it?

System Errors

Problems in the operating system of your computer can also cause the deletion or disappearance of data. If any component of your hardware or software is damaged or corrupted, it can reflect on your data files. Persistent issues in the motherboard, CPU, RAM, or applications on your computer often result in data loss. Quite concerning, it is!

Power Outages

If your computer loses power during the reading or writing operations, it can have its toll on your image files. A sudden interruption of system processes due to a power cutoff can make you lose essential data files stored on the computer. Besides data loss, frequent power interruptions can also cause your system to freeze, and it may never reboot again. Such a small but important detail!

Part 2: Comprehensive Introduction to Wondershare Recoverit for Photo Recovery on Windows 11

If you are searching for an easy method to retrieve deleted photos from your Windows 11 computer, the answer lies in Wondershare Recoverit. Recoverit is a notable data recovery software that can help you get back multiple types of lost files from your device. This tool features an impressively high recovery rate and can retrieve data files in original quality in an instant. Sounds great!

Wondershare Recoverit windows 11 app

Recoverit offers a wide range of powerful recovery tools for your lost data. The program can recover over 1000+ different types of files from a wide range of storage devices, including memory cards, cameras, hard drives, and flash drives. With a simple interface, Recoverit is also suitable for users with minimal technical knowledge about data recovery. Are you excited to know more about it?

Multiple scenarios can lead to an unprecedented image loss on your Windows 11, including accidental deletion or formatting of drive, virus, and malware, software or hardware failures, damage to the drive, etc. In any case, Recoverit can recover your data files for you without any trouble.

Part 3: Guide on How to Recover Photos with Windows 11

Getting back your photos from a Windows 8.1 computer is now quick and efficient, thanks to Wondershare Recoverit. Want to see how? Here is a step-by-step guide on how to recover photos from your Windows 11 using the software:

Step 1: Select Target Location

To get things started, download and install Recoverit toolkit on your Windows 11 computer. After launching the software, go to the main interface and select the drive where you lost your files under the “Hard Drives and Locations.” Recoverit allows users to recover data from a disk drive, an external storage device, or a specific folder on the computer from the “Select Location” option.

Wondershare Recoverit windows 11 set location

Step 2: Scanning Selected Windows 11 Location

After you select a path on your Windows 11 computer and click on the “Start” button, Recoverit will begin a scan across the targeted drive. The program will display all the lost or deleted files found in the selected location. Give a deep look into it!

Wondershare Recoverit windows 11 location

Step 3: Preview and Save Photos

Once the scanning process is complete, you can check the list of recovered files to select the images you wish to recover. Recoverit allows users to filter scan results by file type, size, or other options. You can preview an image for further inspection by double-clicking on it. After you have selected the photos you wish to recover, click on “Recover” to save them to a specific location on your device.

Wondershare Recoverit windows 11 save photo

The Bottom Line

Losing important data is undoubtedly every user’s worst nightmare. As devastating as losing all your images can be, it does not have to be permanent. Are you really concerned about it? With the remarkable services of Wondershare Recoverit, you can now seamlessly recover lost photos on your Windows 11 computer in a few simple clicks.

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