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Truke BTG 1, BTG 2 Review: Decent, but not the best

Here's the review of the two new gaming TWS earbuds launched by Truke in India


Battery Life, Design, Latency, Comfort


Audio Quality, Call Quality

Gaming is a word that manufacturers are now using to make their products appealing to consumers, especially those who play games more than an average person. The latest brand to follow the scheme is ‘Truke’. The brand has launched two new ‘Gaming’ TWS earbuds called the Truke BTG 1 TWS earbuds and the Truke BTG 2 TWS earphones.

The gaming earbuds are claimed to offer up to 60ms low latency in gaming mode. The number is quite impressive, but does it convert into practical usage? Let’s have a look at the review of the Truke BTG 1 and BTG 2 TWS earphones:

Design & Comfort

Truke BTG1

Starting with the design of the TWS earbuds, it is the only difference between the two. Yes, the TWS earbuds are basically the same apart from the design of the charging case. The make of the case screams ‘Gaming’ with the bright green lights on the front. The BTG 1 case has no curves and has a sharp-edged ‘futuristic’ design, is what the brand calls it. It has two triangular green lights on the front that really look like two eyes.

Truke BTG 2

The BTG 2, on the other hand, has only curves and no edges. Instead, it’s a cobble shaped case with green lighting strips running across the front of the case. The lights on the BTG 1 and BTG 2 turn on when the buds inside are charging and blink when the case itself is charging. They turn off once the buds are charged, and continuously remain lit up when the charging of the case finishes.

BTG 1 case
BTG 2 Case

This is something unique and I did like the brand’s approach to give it more of a gaming look. However, the lighting on the BTG 2 looks a bit too much and can really hurt your eyes in the dark. The BTG 1’s lights are bright as well, but they do look cooler than its brother.

The cover of both cases is a bit flimsy. It’s super loose and can easily close by itself if you change the position of the case. Fortunately, the plastic build has a matte finish which helps in elevating the product feel when you hold it. And lastly, there’s a Type-C port for charging on the back of the TWS earbuds cases. Overall, in my opinion, BTG 1’s case has a better design than BTG 2.

Now, coming to the buds themselves, both of them have an identical design. In fact, one can swap the buds and place them in the other case, and they fit well. They also fit nicely into the ear and feel very light. Once you get used to it, you may not even notice you are wearing them. The buds have touch controls and LED lights as well that light up green and white. Each of them has the Truke branding and two mics on each earbud as well.

The touch controls work accurately. One can play, pause, skip to the next track or bring back the previous track as well. You can also switch between the gaming mode and music mode using a triple-tap gesture on the buds.

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Sound, Call Quality & Battery Life

Truke BTG 1, BTG 2 review

What use are the buds if they don’t sound well, right? Well, as both the Truke BTG 1 & BTG 2 have the same specs and a 13mm driver, they sound identical. And the sound quality was average at best for both of them. The earbuds sound totally flat with no equalizer.

I wouldn’t say it has a balanced sound as the mids are on the higher side while the bass and treble are kept lower. If you are a bass lover, you might not want to use them unless you can tune the equalizer in your phone to make them sound better. Even after altering the frequencies to make lyrics and bass sound better, I felt the audio quality was muffled.

Truke BTG series

However, Truke’s claims of 60ms low latency while gaming felt legit. There was a noticeable difference in terms of latency between music mode and gaming mode. While using the former, Truke claims between 90 – 110ms latency. When switched to gaming mode, a voice announces the same in the earphones. To conclude, gaming while using these buds was a pleasant experience.

Coming to the battery life, it is one of the strongest points of these buds. I easily got more than 8 hours of battery life on a single charge while listening to music from both BTG 1 and BTG 2. While calling, the battery life dropped by a couple of hours, but not much. The charging time of the case was about 80 – 90 minutes, as claimed by the company. All in all, I loved how I could rely on these during long music and call sessions.

Finally, the call quality of the Truke BTG 1 and BTG 2 were disappointing. While I could hear the person without any issues, they had a lot of trouble listening to me. My voice echoed, and the mics picked up a lot of background noise, along with my voice getting muffled as well. This means the ‘Quad Mic ENC’ wasn’t as impactful as it should have been.


Audio Quality
Battery Life
Call Quality


BTG 1 and BTG 2 by Truke are some of the strongest contenders in the market if you need good battery life and super low latency while gaming. For call and audio quality, we feel you have much better options available in the market.

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