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Game review: Death Moto

Moto racer with an edge and some stiff competition to kill.


Great gameplayLots of actionLive scoringFree to play


Too few kill points awarded

Motorbike racing on is one of the most popular gaming pastimes, especially among the younger age group. And there is no doubt as to why and how these games are so popular. These moto (motorbike) racer games allow players to get a taste of some rubber burning action with accelerometer-based controls, giving users the real feel of the action as well.

One of the popular games on Android these days is Death Moto, which is a moto racing game with a twist that allows the player to kill the competition, literally. The game is built on the same platform as many other moto racing games, with wild racing across the crowded streets of the city and highways, while being chased by the police and challenged by the ever increasing speed of the motorbike.
The twist in Death Moto is that along with all the high-speed action of a normal moto racing game the player also has to kill, with different weapons, any other player that gets in the way.
While racing and zipping past traffic, players have to devise their attacks and the weapon trajectory to gain maximum points, which in turn allows them to unlock cooler motorbikes faster. The choice of weapons includes beer bottles, which were supposed to be Molotov cocktails, but somehow the fiery effect of the Molotov cocktails was missing in action on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Anyhow, it does not have any serious effect on the game or the weapon’s effectiveness for that matter. Along with Molotovs the other weapon choices include malachite and a baseball bat, which, if hit closest to the bike, yield maximum points.
Points are the life-blood of the game and you will need them to unlock newer wheels. The weapons are scattered all around the road, which varies from tarmac to loose gravel and dust, and the traction does seem to vary from track to track, and mind that there are no brakes. The player can just accelerate and that’s about it.
The secondary scoring system is points that are awarded to players when they cover great distances, and along with that the game also includes nitrous, which is available in limited quantity and gives a serious boost to the bike for kills. The boost is available in plenty but players have to go get it in order to use it on the track.
All in all Death Moto is a great game with exciting gameplay, but only up till the point you do not unlock all the motorbikes, as once you unlock all the motorbikes the game will convert to a point-making or competitive game, wherein players will struggle globally for the top position in live scores.

The game is available free of cost for Android devices such as smartphones and tablets, with an for some real life gaming action. Death Moto is recommended to anyone and everyone who loves some action on the road, but a word of advice, do not get inspired and try moto racing on the road in real life.


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