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Xiaomi Redmi Go Camera Samples

In the camera department, there is an 8-megapixel rear camera with LED flash support, 1.12 micron pixels, 4-element lens, ƒ / 2.0. The rear camera has various features like Auto-focus HDR, Continuous photo mode (Burst), Countdown timer, Manual mode, real-time filters and smart scene mode. The phone has a 5-megapixel front camera with 1.12micron pixels large, 3-element lens, ƒ / 2.2 aperture, HDR and selfie timer.

Rear Camera: Landscape, Outdoor

The Xiaomi Redmi Go does a quite decent job when it comes to capture some details in this photo. The colour of sky is quite close to the source, while the detailing is not that great. But, considering its price point, the phone took a good photo here.

Rear Camera: Landscape, Outdoor

Yet again the phone does a quite decent job in capturing good colours, though the dynamic range is that great. That sadi, we find that some leaves are slightly overexposed in nature. Further, when you zoom, you can notice that the detailing is quite average in nature.

Rear Camera: Close-Up, Outdoor

In this photo, the colours are again close to the source and detailing looks fine to the naked eye. However, when you zoom in, you will notice that some part of the leaves and its roots are softly-focused. But, then again, it is a budget-centric smartphone and for this price, the image output is good.

Rear Camera: Close-Up, Indoor

In the indoor lighting conditions, we noticed that there is a certain drop of quality. You can easily notice that the photo is grainy and there is certain amount of noise present in this one. The black colour of the vase look qutie pale in nature and the detailing of the same is quite average in nature.

Rear Camera: Normal, Outdoor

In this photo, the phone’s camera is able to highlight the shadow and lights quite effectively. The colour of the flowers present in the background are close to the source and so is the colour of grass. The detailing of the fire hydrant is quite decent in nature as well.

Rear Camera: Landscape, Outdoor

The photo came out to be a bit darker than our liking. This is mostly because the phone found out it diffcult to manage between shadow and light. That said, the colour of sky still looks pretty much decent and so is the colour of the car. The detailing present in the photo is average as you zoom in, you will find softly-focused image.

Rear Camera: 10 percent zoom, Indoor

Things become much more clear when you zoom-in photo and then click it. As you can see here, there is a drastic drop in quality of the image taken from this smartphone. The graininess and noises are quite prominent in the image, while the detailing is clearly missing in this photo.

Rear Camera: Indoor

In this photo, the noises are clearly visible in nature. Further, the photo came out to be a bit softly-focused and the detailing of the sofas and the table is not up to the mark.

Rear Camera: Macro, Outdoor

The photo of the flower came out to be pretty decent in natyre. Although it looked a bit dull, but the colours were close to the source. The photo lacks some high dynamic range and the details present in the photo is in line with teh competition. However, considering the price tag, this phone offers some good performance when it comes to daylight light conditions.

Rear Camera: Macro, Indoor

In this photo, it is certain that the phone struggled to lock focus on the subject. This resulted in a blurred photo and the detailing of the object was quite average in our opinion. The colours were thankfully close to the source. That said, it is certain that the phone struggles when it comes to click photos in indoor and low light conditions.

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