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Top 10 things you can buy on Amazon during Coronavirus lockdown

The government of India has imposed a 21-day lockdown across the country to stop the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. This means that people have to stay in their homes during this period. However, one can go out to buy essential products from their nearest stores. But, it is advisable to stay at home for the maximum period so that the coronavirus does not spread like a wildfire. But, what about the essential items? Worry not, e-commerce players like Amazon are still operational and are supplying day-to-day products to its users. In this article, we are going to talk about the top 10 things you can buy on Amazon during Coronavirus lockdown.

Baby products

For those, who have recently become parents, Amazon has a range of baby products as well. One can get baby powder, baby lotions, baby wet wipes, blankets, diapers and more.

Hand washes, sanitizer and Masks

Amazon is also offering hand washes, sanitizer and masks on its platform as well. One can buy hand sanitizer from different brands from Amazon and can purchase pollution masks from the website.


Amazon may not deliver physical books at your doorstep, but it providing e-Books to its customers. One can select a range of books from different genres and some of them are free as well. Furthermore, one can listen to audible of famous books available in the market

Health Care devices

The e-commerce giant Amazon has revealed that one buy healthcare-related equipment during the lockdown period. One can buy a range of products including digital blood pressure monitor, digital thermometer, face or nose vapouriser steamer, nebulizer, glucometer and more from the platform.

Cooking essentials

During the lockdown, users can also order almost all the cooking essentials from Amazon. This includes rice packets, oils, ghee, flour, pulses, spices, masalas, syrups, ketchup, sweeteners, jams, honey, spreads, snack goods, dried fruits, nuts and seeds.

Toiletry supplies

Apart from this, customers can also buy toiletry supplies like kitchen issue, towel paper roll, air-freshener, disinfectants and more.

Ready to eat essentials

Apart from the cooking essentials, users can also buy a range of ready-to-eat goods as well. The list includes cereal and muesli, coffee, tea, beverages, pasta, noodles, Maggi, sweets, chocolate, gums, pickles, milk powder and more.

Health supplements

The platform also supplies various health supplements as well. One can choose multivitamin tablets, calcium supplement, and more.

Pet supplies

This is not it. Customers can order pet essentials as well. One can dog biscuits, pedigree and more. One can also order products for birds, cats, dogs, fish and aquatics.

Laundry Essentials

Amazon is offering a range of laundry essentials on its platform for purchase. One can detergent powder, liquid detergent pouch and more from different brands like Comfort, Tide, Ariel, Surf Excel and more.

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