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Top 10 interesting facts about PUBG

PUBG mobile, the mobile version of the well-known PC game Players Unknown Battleground, was launched in February of 2018. Battle Royale on mobile was unheard of but PUBG mobile changed this. It has now become a worldwide sensation with almost 50 million users playing this game daily. With updates, new maps, good graphics and is free to play, PUBG mobile is loved by all especially the teenagers. It has now become the latest pastime. Everyone knows about the game, but what they don’t know about are some facts that you could only find if you did some digging around on the internet. We have done the digging for you and so here are Top 10 interesting facts about PUBG that you didn’t know of.

The rarest

One the rarest items in the game is the virtual red bandana. When the games was launched, the item was bundled with pre-orders and the item was found inside loot boxes. After a while, boxes either stopped or rarely featured the red bandana inside them. It was reported that a user bought the item for US $1000(INR 69000)

2.5x Damage

Low on ammo but still want to make a kill? Aim for the Head! Rifles and snipers can deal some heavy damage regardless of where you shoot but a headshot deals 2.5x more damage than shooting any other part of the body. Taking a headshot is tough and it is advised to be taken by a rifle or a sniper with high range to counter bullet drop and to use the gun on single-shot mode instead of burst to reduce recoil and increase accuracy.


The game got its name PlayersUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG from the creator Brendan Greene’s game name PlayerUnkown. He used the name in the Arma in which he named his player 1 as Playerunknown. He like the sound of thus decided to name his game that too.

100 years ban

With players utilizing unfair methods such as aimbot and other cheating software, PUBG Corp had to come up with some stringent repercussions to mitigate this issue. They are constantly working towards identifying players cheating and also use other players reporting as a lead. Once a player has been reported multiple times for unfair behaviour or cheating, PUBG places a Ban on them for a certain period of time usually of 3 to 5 days but, a Reddit user by the name ofbekay101posted on the PUBG’s subreddit, a picture of him getting banned for a 100 years! PUBG plans on continuing this reducing the number of players using unfair means.

Real places

Ever wondered why some places in the game look realistic as if based on real places? Well, that’s because they are! School, located in Erangle is actually taken from the infamous Chernobyl, Russia. Shelter, the underground bunkers filled with supplies is actually based on theabandoned storage of nuclear weapons, at Feodosia – Ukraine. Ruins, a temple type structure which sits at the Eastern side of sanhok is one of the most popular hot drop locations on the map. Its actually based on the Mountains of Dagestan, Russia.Yasnaya Polyana, the grid of building parallel to the road is actually located in theSlovakia province of Russia. It is also the birthplace of the famous author, Leo Tolstoy.

The best car

The Dacia is the best car available in the game. It has great speed, mileage and protection. Its best for a team of four to make a quick escape or reach a spot quickly. Its high durability makes it great for taking cover.

Water shield

The water on every map be it the sea or a river, can protect you from bullets! When in water, you cannot be shot. You can also heal yourself when underwater and you can be as loud and messy as you want to be because of your immunity to bullets but there’s a catch. You can only stay underwater for 15-20 seconds after that you have to resurface to breathe. You can see how much time you have left underwater by looking at the set of lungs near the bottom

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

We all crave for this phrase to show up on our screens as a mark of our victory but, ever wondered where this phrase originated from? Well, it actually originated from gambling! People during the 1930’s economic crisis also known as the great depression, gambled in the alleys for money. If they won, that meant that they could afford chicken for dinner that night. The phrase caught on and was used in gambling in Las Vegas while and was also popularized by ESPN announcers and the gambling movie ‘21’.

Most Played

PUBG holds the record for being the most simultaneously played of all time. The game hit3,106,358 people playing the game simultaneously. Interestingly, it actually broke its own record that it made in September that very year.


Ever heard those footsteps and wondered what are those for? Well, the footsteps you here actually represent the enemy close to you and his position. PUBG utilizes 7.1 surround sound so you can accurately pinpoint the enemy just by their footsteps. The footsteps get louder when the enemy is nearby and fades away when they go away. It is advised to use headphones in both the ears for the best performance.


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