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Lava Iris 504Q+ camera samples

Here are some sample pictures that we clicked using the rear 10 megapixel camera of Lava Iris 504Q+.

Close up

As I said in its review, the Iris 504Q+ manages to click good images from close quarters in good lighting.

Normal Shot

It comes with few camera features like Beauty face, HDR etc. This is the normal shot without any tweaks and in full resolution and in bright sunlight. Alas, the image gives a feeling that it was taken in cloudy conditions.


This image was taken in the Beauty mode. Check the previous image for the normal shot. Clearly, in beauty mode, it captures more light.


This was captured in HDR mode. If you compare it with previous two, you can notice that the camera of Iris 504Q+ captures maximum light in HDR mode, then in Beauty mode, and than in normal mode.

Normal Shot-2

To check its zooming capability and details in pictures, we clicked two images, one in normal mode and another in 2x zoom. This is the normal shot.


After zooming 2X, we clicked a portion of the scene of the previous image. Clearly, zooming to capture images is out of question in Lava Iris 504Q+.

Indoor Under Lights

This image was captured indoors but under sufficient light.

Indoors with poor light

This image was captured indoors but in a darker environment and the results are in front of you to see.

Indoors with flash

Here we captured the same image using the 10 megapixel rear camera of Lava Iris 504Q+ in a poorly lit room but we used its LED flash to check its performance. Needless to say, the flash flodded the picture with too much light.

Moving shot

As you can see, the camera of Lava had no problem whatsoever to capture the ball being hit, clearly without any blur but there is too much noise in the picture.

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