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Gionee S6 Pro Camera Samples

Gionee S6 Pro sports a 13-megapixel rear-facing camera and an 8-megapixel front facing shooter.

Although Gionee S6 Pro did a good job of colour reproduction in this picture but overall the picture lacks detail. Given that the smartphone features a 13-megapixel rear-facing camera, the image looks average in terms of sharpness. The dynamic range is also not up to the mark.

The S6 Pro again does a good job of colour reproduction in this one and also improves a bit in terms of dynamic range. However, if we zoom in, the lack of detail still persists even though the image looks well detailed and sharp in the first instance.

Coming to a low-light image, the device grasped adequate amount of light in this one. The sky looks pitch dark while the chair is pretty impressively visible with fair amount of detail. There is a lot of noise but we will let this one pass as the noise level increases in low-light in almost every smartphone camera.

Now, in this picture things slightly change. Though the camera managed to pick up natural colours yet again but this image appears to be washed out in our opinion. Further, the sensor failed to deal with the background exposure and also the infamous lens flare. The details look fine though.

The camera on the S6 Pro shines in this picture. The colours look accurate, details are sharp, the device picked up a perfect exposure level as well which is not the case with most of the images.

This picture in particular reveals the poor exposure capture of the sensor on the Gionee S6 Pro. The camera when focused on the temple failed to adequately expose the background and takes in too much light. The sky which was actually blue appears white in this one.

Things get a little confusing in this one. While as its the case with every other picture, the colours appear to be accurate but the camera on the Gionee S6 Pro failed yet again in terms of dynamic range. The colours from left to right becomes more exposed and a strange patch of white hue is clearly seen on the right edge.

The lack of an impressive HDR (Highe Dynamic Range) is pretty evident in this image. Not only the camera on the S6 Pro failed to capture the actual colours of sky, but the camera failed to highlight the foreground i.e. the houses in front of the mountains. Moreover, the exposure level on the white buildings is way more than required which whi why the image looks to be a bit over-exposed.

Although, the colour accuracy is on point here as well but the image appears to be blurry. There is a lot of noise in the background as well as it was taken in low-light conditions.However, the front facing 8-megapixel shooter manages to perform pretty well in terms of the dynamic range in this image.

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