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Coolpad Mega 3 camera samples

Coolpad Mega 3 offers an 8-megapixel camera setup on its back as well as on the front panel. Both the cameras comes with a LED flash light.

This is another picture taken under good light. As the case with this as well, the image is too blurry to be a foreground object. The camera continuously fails to focus on a specific object (dustbin in this case), and things don’t improve with Touch to Focus as well.

Starting with the images taken under good lighting conditions, Coolpad Mega 3 manages to bring out some good colours but struggles in terms of detail. Zooming into the object would not show up the amount of detail you would expect. The bokeh effect in this picture is decent but overall, the image lacks good dynamic range and it also failed to handle the background exposure.

This image apparently exposes the poor dynamic range and focus capabilities of the camera on the Coolpad Mega 3. As mentioned in our review, the device struggles to focus on far-off objects which often result in a blurry image like this.

Moving on to slightly low-light conditions, the performance is not up to the mark here as well. Not only it struggles to focus the far objects, in this particular picture, the camera failed to focus on the front railing as well. On the good part, the camera does manage to bring out natural and accurate colours.

Now for the low-light performance, this image was taken in a restaurant with low to very low-light conditions. The story continues to be the same in terms of the focus resulting in a pretty blurry image in our opinion.

This particular picture exposes the camera’s inability to handle the background glare apart from already poor focusing as seen in previous pictures.

This is probably the best photo we managed to click from the rear-facing camera on the Mega 3. The colours on this one are though slightly saturated, but the camera does a good job of handling focus in this compared to previous pictures.

Another decent shot is this one. Taken under artificial lighting, this image is another example of rare good pictures the back camera sometimes manages to come out with.

However, things again get to change in this one as in this picture, the focus and lack of detail issue again pops up. Zooming in this one, we found that the leaves of the Christmas Tree are barely visible.

Moving on to the front camera, we notice that the front-facing 8-megapixel brings out pretty accurate colours. However, we would still expect a little more detail here as well.

Lastly, for the day-light selfies, this is where the camera performs the best. Colours in this one are accurate and appears to pretty natural. Further, the camera also did a fair job of bringing out some detail and sharpness although there is still room for improvement regarding the background exposure.


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