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Cheapest E Bikes in India

E-bikes are now facing a rapid growth in demand as consumers all around the nation work towards reducing their carbon footprint. Here's a list of top cheapest e-bikes in India


  • E-bikes are becoming a vital part of the world
  • E-bikes help reduce the carbon footprint of a person
  • Here's a list of the cheapest electric bikes available in India for purchase

Bicycles have always been a way to be more fit and reduce gas emissions. But apart from that, it can help you reach faster. The top speeds of e-bicycles can touch up to 45km/h, which is faster than the speed of most average cyclists. To help you out, we have made a list of the cheapest e-bikes in India so you can choose which one fits your needs.

Tata’s Stryder ZEETA Plus

Stryder, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata International Limited launched the Zeeta Plus which packs a 36-volt/6 Ah battery which is claimed to deliver a total energy capacity of 216 Wh. It is priced at Rs 32,995 and comes pedal assist, range of up to 30 km and a top speed of 25km/h. Furthermore, it employs auto-cut brakes and disc brakes as well.

Hero Lectro Kinza 27.5T SS Single Speed Electric Cycle

Hero Lectro
Lectro Kinza

This e-bike can be purchased through Amazon India for a price of Rs 24,999. The Lectro Kinza is available in two colours and can travel up to 24km with throttle mode and 30km with Pedelec mode. It has an certified waterproof battery which takes 4 hours to charge.

It is equipped with a rear hub motor that has a rated power output of up to 250W. At 40nm torque, the e-bike can reach speeds of up to 25km/h. It is equipped with Shunfeng front disc brakes along with 27.5-inch double-rimmed alloy wheels.

Nexzu Rompus Plus

The Rompus Plus is priced at Rs 33,981 in India and has a 32 km travel range with minimum pedal assisting, assisted by a powerful 5.2Ah Li-ion battery. It has a top speed of 25 km per hour and has two drive modes including Pedelec and Full Throttle Mode. There are Anti-Skid Pedals and advanced disc brakes on the e-bicycle. You get 26″ Nylon, Wide and knobby nylon tyres which enhance the stability for the cycle. Further, there’s front head lamp for night vision & Horn. There’s Auto electric cut off on braking.

Hero F2i, F3i E-bikes

Hero F3i

Hero recently launched launched two new electric mountain bicycles (MTBs) F2i and F3i at ₹39,999 and ₹40,999 respectively. The bikes have been designed to offer a comfortable riding experience in both urban tracks as well as on off-road tracks. Both Hero F2i and Hero F3i come with upto 35 kilometre of range in one charge, seven speed gears, 100mm suspension, 27.5″ and 29″ double alloy rim and dual disc brakes. Both of them have a high capacity 6.4Ah IP67 rated water and dust resistant battery.

EMotorad T-Rex Plus

Heilio M100

This EMotorad E-bike retails for Rs 46,999 and comes with a 17-inch aluminium alloy 6061 hardtail frame linked to a telescopic fork. It features 27.5-inch all-terrain tyres on spoke wheels, and is powered by an IP-67-rated 250W BLDC hub motor. There’s also a seven-speed Shimano derailleur.

The motor is linked to a 10.4Ah lithium-ion battery, which offers a claimed range of around 60km with pedal assist. Its top speed is restricted to 25kmph, and it comes with five riding modes, including cruise control and crawl mode. 

Nuze i1

Priced at Rs 19,174 and available on Flipkart, this e-bike is built conforming to stringent European Union standards which ensures the Bicycle performs optimally and gives you a safe and comfortable ride. The Nuze i1 has an advanced AL Tech 6061 Aluminium Alloy Frame. The Nuze i1 is delivered in a Fully-Fitted Condition and comes with a 2 Year warranty on the Frame and a 1 Year Warranty on Electrical Components.

The 250W Brushless DC Rear Hub Motor is tuned for maximum power and to give you a natural ride-feel even at 25kmph. The 5.2Ah Lithium-ion battery is safely placed within the frame of Nuze i1, the integrated battery also ensures the battery remains free from contaminants to ensure optimal performance all the time.

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Elektron Uni M368+

Uni M368
UNI M368+

This e-bike by Elektron costs Rs 35,999. There’s an inbuilt battery for safety & security against theft, damage, explosion & environmental elements. In addition, the bike has a digital ODO meter that displays speed, distance and battery information. The battery is made up of lithium-ion 18650 BIS approved cells.

The bike has a Pedal Assist System with three modes, including Eco, City and Sport. The charging time for the 360 Wh battery is 4-5 hours. For range, in throttle mode, the range sits at approximately 60km/per charge. With Pedal Assist, it is approx 85km/per charge while the Top speed is 25km/hr.

PureEV Etron+


The Etron+ by PureEV has a price of Rs 39,999 (ex-showroom) and is another one of the cheapest electric bikes in India. The bike is available in 6 colours. The e-bike has a 20-inch steel body. It has a 180W rear brushless DC motor with a top speed of 20km/hr.

With Pedal Assist System, the bike has a range of 60 kms. There’s also an multifunctional screen on the handlebar, which shows battery and distance related information. In addition, you get Shimano gears and 2.1-inch tires along with front and rear disc brakes.

Skellig Lite

Skellig Lite
Skellig Lite

The Skellig Lite e-bike has a 25km range and a 210 Wh battery. The bike is currently available for pre-order for Rs 19,999, while the original price sits at Rs 21,999, making it one of the cheapest e-bikes in India. The Mild Steel frame, along with specialized V-brakes, gets you a complete e-bike experience with this one.

You get a 250W motor while the charging time is 2.5 hours. There’s a 3-level Pedal Assist System and a throttle mode in which the peak speeds can go up to 25km/hr. You can either pay the full amount and pre-book the bike or pay Rs 5,999 for pre-booking and pay the balance later.

Lightspeed Glyd 21 Speed

Glyd 21 Speed
Glyd 21 Speed

The Lightspeed Glyd 21 Speed is priced at Rs 35,998. It is an Electric Pedal Assisted Bicycle that has an Urban City Frame. It has Shimano Tourney front and rear derailleurs and Shimano shifters. The e-bike can be considered one of the cheapest electric bikes in India and comes with a Disc brake in the front and rear.

The bike comes with a 250W Brushless D.C Hub Motor and a Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery. The battery has a capacity of 7.8Ah, and the charge time is 3 hours. It has a range of 30-35kms with pedal assist.

Waltx Spark 1

Spark 1
Spark 1

The Waltx Spark 1 is priced at Rs 39,511 and is available on Flipkart for purchase. It has a 7.8Ah EU Certified Lithium-ion Battery with a charging time of 3-4 hours. With Pedal Assist, the range sits between 35-40kms with a top speed of 25 km/h.

The WaltX Spark 1 is built on an AL Tech 6061 Lightweight Aluminium Alloy Frame. The bike has a 250W rear hub motor with a waterproof casing. The rear derailleur is a Shimano Tourney TY300 7-Speed derailleur connected to a Shimano TX30 Trigger Shifter.

The 7-Speed drivetrain is useful when you want to ride the E-Bicycle without battery power. In addition, Spark 1 comes with Logan Mechanical Disc Brakes at the front and back.

Roulik Inizo 2020M

Inizo 2020M
Inizo 2020M

The Roulik Inizo 2020M starts at Rs 39,990 and goes up to Rs 52,645 based on the configuration you choose. The Inizio has an integrated electric horn with power supplied from the main battery itself. The Battery is removable for easy charging, and it has 3 options:

7.8Ah Battery: 30-50km range per charge
10.4Ah Battery: 40-60km range per charge
13.0Ah Battery: 50-70km range per charge

The Inizio is equipped with a 250W, 30Nm BLDC rear hub motor. You get 3 driving modes, including Pedal Assist, Throttle and Pedaling. 21 Speed Shimano Tourney system is used for the gear system. E-Brakes are provided for both front and rear disc brakes. It will ensure the motor is cut off during braking.

3A charger will be provided for recharging the battery pack. The different charging time for batteries is as follows.

7.8Ah: 3 hours
10.4Ah: 4 hours
13.0Ah: 5 hours

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