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We all knew Nokia phones were sturdy, but this sturdy?

Here are some of the stories of Nokia phones facing severe abuse and yet surviving.

Nokia phones, especially the feature phones of yesteryears, were known for their sturdy build quality and long battery life. And perhaps for this reason that it used to command 70 per cent market share couple of years back.

Most of us, who have at some point owned a Nokia phone, have our own stories of how it survived after we dropped it or it got washed in the washing machine hiding in our pants pocket and so on.

But the stories that we are taking about is much worse and even Nokia never anticipated that its phones will survive in such situations.

The first story is about Karin, who lost her Nokia 3110 Classic about a year ago. A year later, her daughter found the phone buried in the flowerbed. Initially Karin didn’t think her phone would work. Then her sister suggested the phone “has to work because it’s a Nokia”.

One battery charge and the 3110 Classic sprang sharply back to life!

Another story is about a year older. A Nokia 1600 phone, belonging to one Andrew Cheatle, fell near a sea shore. He was resigned to the fact that it had been swept away and lost in the big blue sea.

However, a week later it was discovered in the stomach of a sizable cod (fish) by a fisherman Glen Kerley, who returned it to Cheatle. To his amazement, the phone after some cleaning worked perfectly fine!

Though Andrew had to change the circuit board but the handset was still able to make calls, which is a great handset survival story.

This is a story from India, of a farmer who had to extract his phone from a pile of buffalo dung. The phone, having previously been eaten by a buffalo, went missing for a few days after falling out of the farmer’s shirt pocket. What is surprising is that the phone was ringing while inside buffalo’s tummy!

Around same time as the buffalo and fish story, another Nokia phone, this time a Nokia 6800, was found inside a pack of potato chips! Though it could not be switched on immediately, the phone was very much intact (may be battery would have drained out completely).

These stories found on the Nokia’s official blogs, are just a few examples. These are so many stories listed in the comments section on the blog. We would be happy if we can have our own examples from India in our comments space, it could be about any phone any company.

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