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Top phones for senior citizens

For elderly people, using a normal mobile phone is quite a task in itself. Here we have chosen the best phones for the elderly.

Although a high camera, faster performance, high resolution displays and multimedia are becoming key identifiers of a good mobile phone; these features are nothing more than a nuisance for some, especially elders.

With age our eyesight and hearing weaken. For old people, using a normal mobile phone is quite a task in itself. So rather than let the elderly struggle with cell phones, we have identified some mobile phones that are specifically designed for them.

iBall Aasan

The iBall Aasan might look like a funny little mobile phone but for senior people it is nothing short of a boon. Its extra large back-lit keys and large but simple display are very easy on the eye.

The design of this phone is such that it fits easily in the palm and does not cause any discomfort while holding. The shortcut keys are placed on the side for easy access and include buttons for torch and wireless FM radio.

The phone features a loudspeaker and the earpiece is tuned at a louder volume as compared to most other mobile phones. One of the remarkable features of this device is its SOS feature. This emergency feature allows the user to send a pre-recorded emergency message to five preset numbers at the touch of a button. After that the phone calls the numbers one after another until a call is answered, if not the phone repeats the loop three times.

It is priced at Rs 3,500.

Skymoon D1201

You might have not heard about this manufacturer but you will find its phones in the market soon. The D1201 is a small mobile phone but with a big keypad and a 1.7 inch display, for easy readability and operation.

This phone also features a flashlight and wireless FM. There are shortcut keys located on the sides that can be used to access FM and the torch, and to control the volume.

The design of this phone is quite similar to that of the iBall Aasan.

It is priced at Rs 1,500.

Other cell phones that provide great functionality for senior people are available only in the international market. However, people in India can buy them through channels such as Ebay Global. Two of such phones are mentioned below.

Samsung Jitterbug

Even though senior people like simplicity and prefer functionality over design, Samsung has dared to provide the first clam-shell cell phone for them.

The keypad is big with backlit keys that make readability better in both bright as well as dark light conditions. The phone features dual displays, with large character size and powerful speakers that make listening to calls possible in both noisy and quiet environments.

It is priced at Rs 3,700.

Just 5

When it comes to mobiles for seniors, all phones feature a big keypad and big character display. The major benefit of this phone is the emergency response feature, but in India you won’t be able to use it.

Here you will be using it as a basic phone with loudspeaker, wireless radio, and flashlight &#151 all standard features found on such devices.

It costs about Rs 4,500.

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